Our Story

Vlushe came from humble beginnings, and has blossomed from a once small vision into a highly coveted luxury cosmetics label. Vlushe Owner and Founder, Tiarny Strachan came from a diverse background and drew early inspiration from her family, whose own personal challenges with mainstream cosmetics compelled her to bridge the divide in the industry for luxury quality cosmetics catered to all skin types, complexions and ages.

Tiarny began her journey with a deep desire to rebel against the conventional perception of cosmetics. She was passionate about building a label that not only advocated natural beauty, but also allowed you to embrace it and use cosmetics as a tool to design your own perception of beauty. This commitment to ensure that her followers felt confident and beautiful whilst wearing Vlushe has always been a contributing factor to Tiarny’s vast success.

Hailing from a small town, Tiarny made her move to the metropolitan to continue expanding her knowledge of the industry and continue to hone her skills within the beauty field. Immediately, Tiarny was working amongst various acclaimed artists and designers. This exposure compelled Tiarny to take a step forward and begin pursuing her dream with Vlushe. She soon began travelling internationally, meeting with manufacturers, lab scientists and beauty experts around the world to perfect a cosmetic line with superior grade formulas and ingredients. With an overall mission to achieve ultra-pigmented products, and an extensive colour selection, Vlushe developed it’s signature formula for ultra-staining pigments with long wear results, and a smooth, illuminating, flawless finish.

With a flagship store based in Rockhampton, Tiarny was successful in her pursuit to deliver quality luxury products to unobserved areas, catering to her followers everywhere they may be. This store is only just the beginning of an ever-growing succession of Vlushe boutiques representing Tiarny’s vision.
 “ They say every global phenomenon has to start somewhere, this is just the start of our story “ - Tiarny Strachan, Owner and Founder of Vlushe.


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